Here's a game you can play with any two people. Get a deck of cards. Find the Ace of Spades. Flip over three cards, including the ace. Mix them up, shuffling them.Hold them up and get the other person to guess which one is the ace!

Okay, say there are five people.One person blindfolds another person. Everyone walks in a circle around that person. The person who is it says a person's name and everyone stops. The person who is it counts to three and on three everyone says something. The person who is it tries to point to the person who name they said. If they point to the person, that person is it. If they don't that person stays it and continues.

I will let you all in on a little secret. There is a website. A very cool website. I used it often. It is... I can not copy anything from that site, so I am giving you knowledge. Have fun with it, but come back here real often!