Here is a bunch of crafts you can do on rainy days!


  • Diary Cover Pattern
  • Diary Pages
  • Flower pattern 
  • For a notebook or journal, you will need a supply of lined or blank paper
  • Craft fun foam sheets in a variety of colors
  • hole punch
  • Ribbon
  • small tab of Velcro
  • letter beads (optional)
  • tacky craft glue or low-temperature hot glue

Girl's Diary or Notebook
Craft Instructions:

To make a girl's diary, print and cut out all the patterns, including at least four of the two inside diary pages.

To make a notebook or journal, print the cover pattern, the flower pattern (if using), and one sheet of the diary pages to cut out and use as a template for your own lined or blank paper.

Trace around the cover pattern and flower patterns on desired craft foam colors and cut out.

Cut the foam cover in half, where the center line is shown on the pattern, to make separate front and back pieces.

Line up the cover, with the tabbed section on the front and one of the diary pages inside. Use the paper punch to make three equally spaced holes on the left-hand side.

Stack the remaining inside pages, keeping them lined up neatly. Place the hole-punched diary page on top of these pages to show you where to make the remaining punch holes. Punch through all the pages.

Line up the top cover, inside pages, and the back cover, then thread a length of ribbon or yarn through each of the holes and tie in a bow at the front.

Glue on the flowers or other cover decorations.

Hot glue a small square of velcro on the inside of the tabbed latch. Glue the matching piece of velcro to the back of the diary to keep it closed.

If you don't have velcro, you could cut off the tab completely, leaving the diary as an open book. Alternatively, you can punch a hole at the end of the tab, punch a matching hole in the back cover, and tie the diary closed with ribbon

 Now here's something for the boys:

Nighthawk Paper Airplane

This craft is reprinted courtesy of


June 6th is the anniversary of D-Day. Take the day to build a paper airplane with a World War II vet or enjoy it with your father on Fathers Day.


8 1/2"x11"  paper



Click here for printables


Click on printables for illustrated instructions. 


Start with an 8 1/2"x11"  paper.  Fold paper in half and  unfold.  Fold the top corners to the center crease.


Fold the top point down to  point o.
Fold the triangle up to point o.
Fold two triangle sections diagonally to  point o.


Fold top side corners to points as shown in diagram.  Make sure both are symmetrical.
Mountain fold in half.


Fold the fuselage section and unfold. Note the angle of the crease line.


Fold the top right again with slightly different angle as shown in diagram

Fold up triangle corner and unfold. This part will be tail fin section.

Unfold again so that the model looks like Step 7 diagram. Then open the model out flat.

We make fuselage and tail fin using the existing creases.  


Fold in half as shown in A diagram. Fold the fin diagonally and unfold as shown in A. Press tip down between the layers using existing creases as shown in B diagram. (This is an inside reverse fold)


Use small piece of cellophane tape to make flat wings as shown in diagram.


An extra tape may be needed at the bottom of the fuselage. It is ready to fly.